iOS 5.0.2 Update Delayed

Apple finally introduced the next version of iPhone this year and even though the phone received an overwhelming response there were several users which complained about the low battery life on iPhone 4S, some iPhone 4 users which updated to iOS 5 also claimed drop in battery life. Apple acknowledged this issue and released an iOS 5.0.1 update. Some users said the update solved the problem while majority of users still say the update didn’t had any effect on the low battery life.

After a failed update, Apple began working on another update to solve the quick battery drain problem on the iPhone. Rumors were that the update will be available by now, but now reports suggest that the update has been delayed. Some analyst say that Apple is yet to resolve the problem and other suggest that this is a complex issue and may take a lot of time. There is word in the market that the battery drain is not a software related issue, but it’s some kind of problem in the hardware of iPhone 4S.
Some rumors completely neglect the fact that there will be an iOS 5.0.2 update. We are starting to hear that there will be a iOS 5.1 update, which might take some time but it will be resolving battery issues and update Siri’s functionality.

There’s no idea when the update will arrive or whether it will solve the battery drain problem. Apple forums are filled with people complaining about the low battery life on iPhone 4S and the developers are testing ever single component to fix the bug. This is not the first time iPhone has been caught with problems, iPhone 4 also had some issues with antenna and Apple even issued advisory on how to hold the phone.

[via Techieinsider].

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