iOS 5 Has Started Rolling Out

We have taken IOS to a whole new level’. That’s what Apple has said about the new out-coming iOS 5. The much awaited iOS update to iOS 5 has started rolling out with effect from today. Though it’s a rather slow process but you can now enjoy all the goodness of iOS 5 now.


It is extremely easy to put your iDevice on paces with iOS 5. iOS 5 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, iPad 1 and 2, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation. So, if you are in the possession of any of these devices, it’s time to get the latest goodies. Just connect your device to the latest version of iTunes on your desktop and let it download the update. Enjoy a cup of coffee or two while you let it happen as the servers are pretty loaded and there can be some really erratic speeds.

However, it’s worth nothing that this version of iOS is still not jailbroken, so in case you are running an already jailbroken device, all the tweaks you have downloaded from Cydia like Bite Sms or infiniboard or various cydgets, they would all be gone. And since, the jailbreak is not out yet, you would also not be able to get all the Cdia store applications back. However, the jailbreak should just be around the corner and the goodness of iOSa 5 is way too much to ignore and wait.

So, why wait friends, its definitely time to say a nice thank you to Blogtechnika and head over to iTunes, listen to your favorite music, sip some coffee and let your iDevice do the magic!

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