iOS 6.1.4 Update Rolls out for iPhone 5

Apple has rolled out an incremental update to their iOS 6 on iPhone 5. It is a short update, measuring only about 11 Mb and not a whole lot is written in the description either. The only information available at the moment is that the update enhances the audio profile for the speaker phone. We are not entirely sure what that means because we have not had any major issue while using the speaker phone on the device so far.

iOS 6.1.4 update

Having installed the update as well, there is no difference in our opinion at least. You can either install the update OTA or you can simply plug your iPhone 5 to the computer and update it via iTunes. In case you have a jailbroken device, we advice you to stay away from the update as you will lose your jailbreak if you do that. And we are pretty sure, the jailbreak community will not be working on a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 as the iOS 7 would be released in June at WWDC.

If you notice any more changes than just some enhancements to the audio profile on your iPhone 5 after updating, do let us know in the section below or Tweet in to us.

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