iOS 6 Is Coming In Just A Few Hours

We all have all had our say as far as the iPhone 5 goes. Some love it, rest loathe it,but it has been the story of Apple for years and I am sure as they sit and prepare rolling out the iPhone 5, nobody in Apple cares what any journalist or blogger has to say. So we might skip the ordeal and move on to the bit that is coming and coming really soon. For all those who have Apple devices, the iOS 6 is now just a matter of hours away. Apple promised to release the update to it’s latest OS on September the19th and we are all set awaiting the OTA confirmation.

For all those readers who are unaware of how to update their OS, all you have to do is either do it Over The Air or plug your iDevice with iTunes on laptops and allow it to download the latest update. Everything is pretty much automatic. However, despite the safe nature of these updates, it is highly recommended that you back up all your data. If everything goes well, then no data is lost and the device should work butter smooth. Also for all those who have jailbroken your devices, make it a point that all your Jailbroken data will be deleted. This also includes the apps you downloaded from installous. Also all the tweaks would be deleted. So, in case you do not want to lose your jailbroken things, make sure you do not allow your device to update to iOS 6. There is no confirmation on when the jailbreak for iOS 6 would be available.

So stay tuned guys, we will have quick hands on as soon as we receive the update to iOS 6.

Update: iOS 6 is here. Read full review of iOS 6.

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