iOS 6(Beta) Vs JellyBean Vs Windows Phone 8: A Comparison

We recently showed you a comparison between the three leading Mobile OS’s namely iOS 5, WP 7.5 and Android 4.0 ICS here. However, since then, a lot of water has seeped under the bridge and now we have had three major announcements from all the three big game players with updates to their Mobile OS. Apple have announced the iOS 6, while Microsoft came out with WP 8. Android was not to be left behind and during the Google I/O lifted the wraps of 4.1 JellyBean. There has been little changes as far as Apple and Android are concerned but Microsoft has definitely raised it’s bar. So how do all thee new three Operating Systems now stack up? Have Windows Phone gotten any closer to the big two in terms of features? Our friends at Redmondpie once again made a very informative list of comparison of features of the three new Operating Systems from the leading Smart Phone players.

Do remember that iOS 6 is still very much in Beta and available only with the developers. There maybe new features added at the time it is released for the general public.

What do you feel about the three OS’s now? Has the announcement of new features changed your opinion which Operating System to go for? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: redmondpie

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