iOS 7 Has Already been Jailbroken

iOS 7 is very much in beta with the latest being Beta 2 and surprisingly, despite not being a full release there has been loads of coverage of iOS 7. People have loved it and plenty have loathed it, but the design is here to stay. Although, iOS 7 has bought various features that users liked from the Cydia store such as a dedicated Control Center that would take place of SB Settings, but still there is so much more you can do with jailbreaking your device. But with every release of iOS Jailbreaking becomes more and more challenging as Apple tries to cover all the possible loopholes. And then begins the search of new ones and new ways to jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 7

Despite not being a full release yet, iOS 7 has already been jailbroken. This news comes as a surprise as not many people thought anybody would even attempt to jailbreak an OS that is in Beta. But that has already happened, as shown by Ryan Petrich, who posted a screenshot of his iPod Touch which is running iOS on his Twitter account.

This is a good news for all those who are thinking of updating their devices as jailbreak should not be too far away after the final release of iOS 7. Although, no more information was spilled about the jailbreak, but the presence of Activator certainly proves the device is already jailbroken giving winds to the fire that the jailbreak community is all set to support iOS  7.

Via: BGR

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