iOS 7 To See Major Changes from iOS 6: Here is what we know

iOS 7 is coming in June, that was pretty much confirmed when Apple sent out the invites for their WWDC event and later emphasized that the event would revolve around new software enhancements for both iOS and Mac OS. However, this would be the first instance when iOS update would be under the hands of Designer par excellence Jonny Ive and as a result, we expect some major changes to occur.


The first change we are likely to see is a move away from Skeuomorphic elements of iOS, which basically means a move away from real life icons and elements of iOS as it was something advocated by now departed Scott Forstall, the former iOS chief. There have also been reports making rounds that Apple have called some of the Mac OS X engineers on board so we might well see some of the OS X features on mobile. Another change we might see is how multi tasking is handled on iOS. We could see a more multiple card like format like on the new Sense 5 HTC One over the current method.

The engineers testing the iOS 7 have a protective screening over their device, which clearly shows Apple does not want to give anything away this time. Also, some of the popular apps such as Calender and Mails. But the Mails overhaul could perhaps be put back for the next release. The iOS 7 could be available for public as soon as September this year, because Apple wants to make sure there is no mishap like the Maps case last year and thus wants to take time before making this major shift.

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Via: Apple Insider

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