iOS 8 allows you to buy a song playing on iTunes Radio right from the Control Center

As the beta version of iOS 8 undergoes the microscope of the developers, new ever features are being discovered every single day. This is interesting as we get something new to look forth everyday to the fall when the final consumer version of the iOS 8 will be made available for free. You will be able to enjoy iOS 8 on devices including and upwards from the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.


When Apple brought Beats, there were rumours that it was because Apple wanted to use the streaming service offered by them in taking the iTunes Radio forward. However, looks like the two will remain a separate entity at leafs for now. The biggest clue that Apple will persevere with iTunes radio is in iOS 8 where if you are playing a song on iTunes Radio and open the Control Center, you can purchase the song by simply clicking the buy button that will now appear.

iTunes Radio is Apple’s proprietary music streaming service that allows you to listen to music of your choice and go ahead and buy it on iTunes store. This move to integrate a buy button within the Control Center is in line with the quick action route that Apple seems to be taking in order to make purchases faster and easier for its users. You can simply search and purchase a song using the Spotlight search too, and this option only reiterates the stand that Apple wants you to purchase music without any hassle.

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