iOS 8 Randomises your MAC Addresses to Prevent Location Tracking by unauthorised Sources

Every device has a unique MAC address which is a unique ID assigned to the devices that are connected to a network for establishing physical connections. Mac addresses are used in most IEEE802 network technologies and as a result your smartphone too has a MAC address. However, till now most of the phones had a status MAC address.


But with, iOS 8, Apple will be changing this. Apple has added a MAC Address randomiser in iOS 8 that would randomise the Mac address of your smartphone which would prevent for companies with unauthorised connections from accessing and tracking your location and network data via Wi-Fi scan. This means that if a router is scanning for your device, it would not always encounter the real MAC address.

This may well be one of the several steps that most of the major OEMs will take as they battle the complaints of privacy and tracking that users do not appreciate. iOS 8 will generate MAC addresses that will be locally administered without interference of any body outside the device that you are using. Apple although did not make much of a noise about this move during their keynote session, it has since emerged as one of the better features of iOS 8. While Apple has been behind Android in terms of bringing features to the table, we certainly hope, that this is one feature that the Android counterparts will also bring in.MAC

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