iOS 9 Will Allow you to Temporarily Delete Apps to make Space for System Updates

One of the major complaints that the users of iOS devices have had in the past couple of years has been that the system updates have required too much space on the ROM. This has prevented several users from upgrading to the latest versions of OS as far as users are concerned. Apple has heavily addressed this issue with iOS 9 which is the latest version of iOS.


Not only has Apple assured that system updates would now be lighter and therefore, require lower space on the internal memory. While this is a positive, another major step that Apple has taken is adding the ability in iOS 9 whereby the users will be able to delete the applications temporarily while you are installing the system update to make space. This way, your applications will come back once the update has been applied on its own without the user having to intervene at all. Not just this, the user’s app data will also not be lost and be restored along with the application itself making the entire experience really seamless.

iOS 9 will automatically prompt you to delete apps that you would like to forego in case the memory on the device is low. You can select it, delete the application, and then automatically restore the apps when the update has been applied.

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