iOS App Review- Ruzzle: A Fun Game With Words

iPhones today are not just plain simple smart phones that let you make a phone call to the person siting far away from you. Yes, an iPhone does make a quality phone call but there is so much more to this device. And one such thing is a large collection of applications and games that really keep us hooked on to the device for hours on end. One of the newer games that has everybody glued to their iPhone is a scrabble game called Ruzzle.

Developed by MAG Interactive Ruzzle is a simple game that lets you play with a wide choice of 15 million users that have this application worldwide in a game of who makes most words in the given two minutes of time. This is not all though, you can chat with your opponents as well as add them to your list of Ruzzle friends so that you can challenge them to an interesting game of Ruzzle at any time you both happen to be free.

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Gameplay: The Gameplay on Ruzzle is very simple yet a lot of fun. the game is nothing but a board of letters out of which you have to make meaningful words. The scoring depends upon how long your words are and if you have used double letters in a word you would get a higher score. We did not really struggle to find the way around the game as everything is very well laid down. Though there were times due to a low Wi-Fi network that the game stuttered but that can be well taken care of if you are playing in a game where the networks are strong. The game is played in three rounds, so that gives you three shots at your opponents to defeat him and the score from all three rounds are added together to give you a final score.

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Game Modes: There are several game modes that are available in the game. if you download the free version of the game, then you are restricted to only four modes, which are you can play with your friends on twitter, facebook, on Ruzzle itself or any random opponent. The mode that you miss out on is the ability to practice with yourself which we feel is not all that a big miss. If you happen to select to play with any random opponent, and you find he is giving you a good game like mentioned above you can easily add him to your list of friends and have a re match with them. Even though after a match ends there is a handy feature to challenge your opponents to a game again, we feel like having them in a friends list saves the time that the game takes to search for opponents.

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Chats: Another interesting feature of the game is the ability to speak to your opponents with the help of an IM built inside the game. We really liked this feature, especially as you can use it to congratulate your opponent for an interesting game or you could alternatively ask him to speed up the game in case you are tired of waiting for him to play his turn.

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Multiple Games At once: We really liked the fact that you can play as many games against as many opponents as you wish to at one time. In fact we were engaged playing with four players at the same time. This is especially useful as you do not have to then wait for one single opponent to play his chance. he may not play it immediately and take a lot of time, so instead of siting and getting bored or just exiting the application, it is a handy feature to play another game of Rizzle.

Languages: The game is not available in just English but various other languages such as Danish, German, french etc. So in case you are learning a new foreign language, this game can be really handy for you to test your vocabulary.

Social Networks: You can connect the game to your Twitter or Facebook profile so that you could flaunt your scores all over the places to your friends how well you played the game. This also gives you the ability to add your profile picture to the game in case you did not like the faces that the game gives you as avatars by default.

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Final Verdict: The game over all is extremely addicting. If you have a decent Network and data connection, this game can keep you busy for hours on end. Especially if you are working towards improving your vocabulary, Ruzzle is one of those must have applications for your device. It is available for fre and a paid version which comes without Ads. Here is the link to the free version of the game. We highly recommend you this application.

So these were our thoughts about Ruzzle, what do you feel about the game, what is your highest score? Do let us know in the section below and you can add me on the game by my alias Verarp if you wish to challenge me for a game. Also you can tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.


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