iOS vs Android: Difference in Design Guidelines

It is very clear that the design idea behind iOS and Android is very different. Despite being the two top players in the smartphone world, both of them have their ups and downs. Perhaps, you could just glance at the interface and tell whether the device is running iOS or Android. Though yes, Android is perfectly capable of replicating iOS given the customization possible in it.

A new iOS version, iOS 7 is just around the corner for public, but till that happens, iOS 6 would be the latest version and the version installed on most iPhones. So, if you have always wanted to get into the extreme details of what are the differences in terms of design and design specifications between Android and iOS are, then here is the perfect infographic which clearly states all the little differences and also states the elements that are present in both the top mobile OS platforms. The infographic is extremely details and picks up on the smallest design elements telling exactly where and how Android an iOS differ. This sheet is extremely useful in case you like both the OS’s and would like to draw out from your mind which OS should you design for :




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