iPad 3 (The new iPad) is Here

We all waited for it impatiently and finally the super giant of tablet world is here. The iPad 3 is here. Tim Cooks took the center stage in the Apple event at San Francisco and once again everything has changed. Apple has yet again managed to redefine the category that it has invented. Lots and lots of interesting numbers were thrown during the conference, so lets give you a brief of what’s changed and what’s new with the sure shot new leader of the Tablet world.

The conference began with few announcements regarding the Apple TV which centered around the new UI and movies and shows now available in 1080p instead of the standard 720p. The prices remained the same though so that was a great news. Apple managed to sell more than 15 million iOS active devices last year and the one that people unanimously voted as their favorite for browsing and playing games was the iPad, and to take the story to another level the iPad 3 was announced.

Plenty has changed, the new iPad (iPad 3) now features a retina display with double the resolution at 2048 x 1536 pixels, the screen from the screenshots actually looked amazing and was claimed to be delivering graphics better than the PS 3 or the Xbox 360.

The rear camera is a revamped one, a 5 MP shooter with similar technology as the iPhone 4s camera including a back illumination. The new iPad will support LTE and a world 3G roaming facility.

However, the best news is that there is still a healthy battery backup of 10 hours on normal usage and 9 hours on LTE. The data speeds were phenomenal when demonstrated on the screen.

The device is slightly thicker at 9.4 mm and weighs a little more than the previous version, 1.4 pounds to be exact but that makes sense since the hardware is definitely beefed up to include LTE and still keep the battery healthy. Both the front and back cameras can record in 1080p.

There were massive upgrades to iLife applications such as iWork and iMovie. Also receiving updates was Notes application which would let you back the data up in cloud and garageband. iPhoto was launched which makes image editing on the iPad a lot of fun.

The biggest change though was the Quad Core A5X chip sitting at the heart of the new iPad. The chip performs 4 times faster than the Tegra 3 chip which is astonishing to say the least. We saw the demo of two new games, one a modern air combat game and another the new version of infinity blades as well as the power hungr Autodesk application for line editing, they performed excellently to say the least.

All and all, it was a memorable event for the Apple lovers, as everything they love about their iPad remains the same, just that a lot more has been added. This has been a very quick report right at the launch of iPad 3, for lots more numbers and more detailed coverage, do check us back.

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