iPad Microphone Not Working? Here is the Fix

It has been noted that several iPads have faced an issue with the Microphone not responding. This could be extremely annoying especially as we depend on it for our Skype calls or odd Hangouts session. A simple restart of the application usually does the trick, but what if that doesnt work? What if there is more to the issue than what a restart of the application can resolve. In that case, here are a possible solutions that you may try out to make sure that Microphone on your iPad works well.


1: Blow the Microphone: It is surprising how often this works. Simply reach for the microphone at the top of the device and give it a good old blow so that in case there is some dust it would fly out.

2: Try a Vaccuum Cleaner if blowing doesnt help. This could be pretty useful in case there is a lose connection or something in the iPad.

3: A hardware reset could also be one of the things you would want to try. To do this, simply go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings.

4: In case none of these three methods work out, you want to take the iPad to a Genius Bar for an Apple specialist to look at what the issue is.

However, having faced the issue ourselves, we can pretty much vouch for the fact that it is very rare for things to come to the fourth solution as one of the first three always seem to work.

Image via: iGeeks Blog

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  1. Blowing into a microphone is never a good idea. If you don’t damage the sensitive diaphragm, the moisture in your breath can ruin things.

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