iPad Mini Coming On October 23rd?

iPad is without a doubt the single device which has ushered us perfectly in the post PC era. Various tablets followed the lead of the iPad and try and eclipse the master but the device stood there strong and still is the king of any tablet market you see globally. The popularity of iPad is so much that today people would much rather own an iPad than a full fledged laptop, and if your work is just to surf the net there is not much wrong you are doing by just using the iPad. However, with the 10.1 inch screen that iPad runs, it is facing a tough competition against much smaller and more portable 7 inch devices such as Nexus 7. So it would make sense that Apple too has decided to throw it’s own candidate into the ring now. And it is coming soon.

If the rumor mills are to be believed then we should be hearing an official announcement of the iPad Mini measuring 7 inch screen size, sometime in the third week of October. The date most probably being given out is 23rd of October which would be when the device would see the light of the day. There are plenty of reports also saying that a large number of iPad Mini accessories are already out and ready to be shipped. The device would also most probably ship with the new mini dock connector. The screen is expected to remain the popular Retina display. The processor is expected to be the same A5 processor used in the iPad 2 which would make it one of the best gaming devices.

We certainly can not wait for the iPad mini to come out as the rumor mill is in full force and given the popularity Apple is enjoying you can bet your money that it would be hugely popular. Not the best news for other 7 inch devices though.

Via: Techaholika



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