iPad Mini With 7.85 inch is Coming?

Here comes the biggest threat to Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire tablets. iPad Mini is rumored to come at the end of year with 7.85 inch IGZO display, according to Bloomberg. Apple is planning to thrash its competitors Google (Nexus 7) and Microsoft (Surface).

Image: Ciccaredesign

Obviously, the price of iPad Mini would be low in comparison to iPad 2 and iPad 3 (retina display). It is expected to be between 200$ to 250$.

Recently on Google I/O conference, Google announced Nexus 7 tablets at very cheap rate of 200$. Also Microsoft recently announced good looking Windows 8 rich Surface tablets.

According to Chinese site MyDrivers.com, Apple is using Indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) technology for screen which is said to be light and brighter.

It is also rumored that Apple is planning to upgrade its iPad devices this summer but chances alre low that apple will revamp its iPad devices in such a short amount of time. Just wait for October when the new iPhone 5 will be announced. Who knows, some more announcement might surprise you with famous Steve Jobs “One more thing” announcement section.

[via Macrumors].

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