iPadian: An iPad simulator for Windows

So what if you don’t have an iPad. You can now get the iPad experience on Windows with the new iPadian, an app that simulates the iPad interface on your Windows desktop. So if you’re looking to buy an iPad but want to test the interface first, then this app might just be the thing for you.


iPadian is a portable app that requires not installation. Simply extract the files from the zip file it comes in and run the exe file. When the app is opened, it simulates the entire interface of the iPad onto the Windows desktop. You can view all your apps,games, music etc. on the main window. On the left side is a default Facebook app that you can log in to and then view all your notifications and updates straight from your desktop. iPadian offers many apps that are available on the iPad, like the Fifa Footy app where you can watch highlights of the latest football matches, or the famous Angry Birds game, Instagram, an app which allows iPad users to edit their photos, and many more apps. You can even download the latest and most popular apps from the app store.

Download iPadian

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