iPhone 4S battery problem to be fixed and Siri Update Delayed

After an unsuccessful attempt to fix the battery issue of iphone 4S with the 1st update on ios 5, rumors are that Apple is going to come up with another update (iOS 5.0.2) update which will definitely fix the low battery life issue on the iphone 4S. Apple will also come up with another update with the name iOS 5.1 which is supposed to enhance Siri’s capabilities.

According to an engineer working in Apple, Apple has finally fixed the bug affecting the battery life on iphone 4S. The update fixing the issue will be available in a week or so and after the update the current iphone 4S will have achieve a 40 hours life on standby and 10 hours for regular use.

The more significant update I the ios 5.1 update, which will cover all the iphone 4S users even those who aren’t having battery issues. This update is for Siri, and with update Siri will become even smarter. Siri will now be able to take pictures, record videos for you and play with the phone settings such as turning the Bluetooth on and off and switching on/off Wi-Fi. However you still won’t able to control your apps via Siri but this update will definitely be handy.

There’s no official word from Apple yet but we do know that the company is working hard to fix the battery issue. Apple hasn’t even launched the beta versions of the update and it will be interesting to see if they really manage to fix the battery issue.

Recent news says that update is delayed because the software testing is not done yet.

[via Technobuffalo].

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