iPhone 4S: What Went Wrong

Let’s face it. iPhone 5 is not here and Apple has given us an updated version of iphone 4.

Although the media event wasn’t like the previous event but even iphone 4s has failed to impress some of the people. Let’s check out what went wrong with iphone 4s.

The first thing is the name. Remember the minor changes made in 3GS. 4S givesthe same vibes, no major changes just an update.

Secondly, Apple is known for innovation. They changed the world with iPhone. iPhone 4S has the same design as iphone 4. Apple could have made some more changes, just to attract people who are under iPhone 4 contract. We still think its one of the best designs but little changes wouldn’t have hurt.

The next problem is the ios 5 was announced at WWDC and there was no element of surprise. I really like the way Google has given us no clue on Android Ice creamSandwich. So actually, we already knew about the ios 5 part of the presentation. Not a big issue though.

The biggest problem is the amount of time used. People have waited for ages to get a glimpse of the new iphone. Rumors and tech world almost went crazy, and Apple came out with something which was least expected. Although by the end of September we almost knew there won’t be any iphone 5, but still people were hoping for the best. Anyway, the point is Apple had the A5 processor when they came out with the ipad 2, so why the delay in launching 4S?

Iphone 4S is still probably the best phone in the market. Bright, good looking and powerful but we expected a bit more from the company which sets standards. Apple should know that whatever they do, others follow.

Are you disappointed with iphone 4S? Will you buy the iphone 4S?

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