iPhone 5 Dummy Unit Shown Off On a Video At IFA?

We are all eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 or whatever Apple decides to name it to hit the markets. An official announcement is expected on the 12th of this month so it could well be a very happy September for most of the Apple fans.

However, in a very surprising set of events the iPhone 5 dummy model has reportedly been out in the IFA conference currently being held at Berlin. We are fairly confident that this is indeed the real deal of the device because there have been way too many mock ups and leaked parts of the device to guess how the iPhone 5 would look like. Needless to say, the nerds in us can not wait for the device to get released, but if all Apple decides to do is increase the size of the screen and not make any other significant changes, which looks very likely not to happen then you can expect a reaction very similar to the one that iPhone 4S got. Anyway, here is the video for you too have a look at the iPhone 5 mock up.

Via: Technobuffalo

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