iPhone 5 Looks Great But The Back Maybe Susceptible To Scratches

We all are in love with the way Apple designs their product.The iPhone 5 is no different. Yes, there are a plenty of jokes about the fact that all Apple did was drag the iPhone 4S and made it longer to brand it iPhone 5 but on closer inspection it is not like that. Not even remotely. There are lot of new design features on the new iPhone but they may not all be for the good.We really liked the fact that Apple has gone back to the Aluminium back slab just like the very first iPhone, but the problem still persists what we had on the older iPhone.

The first gen of iPhone was really prone to scratches. This was especially observed when you put the phone in your pockets containing car keys and they made their presence felt scratching the back of your device. The people who have had their hands on the new iPhone are already reporting that the back may be prone to scratches this time too. This obviously means you need to get a cover as soon as you can to keep that shiny Apple back part nice and tidy.

Apple has always had an issue with the back of their devices, the iPhone 3G had a plastic back which was prone to cracks, while they experimented with glass back panels which were so sensitive that any sort of a drop and they would shatter. It did seem like Apple had overcome this issue by going back to metallic roots, but seems like it has not really worked out this time either.

Via: Technobuffalo

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