iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 4s: An Infographic

Like it or not iPhone 5 has done exceedingly well in the market. I say like it or not because Android lovers are definitely annoyed that all Apple did was make a few minor changes to already a winning design and became an even bigger winner. Yet while most of the Android OEM’s spend loads of time in resurrecting or designing a smart phone again from top to bottom. However, the closest rival to the iPhone 5, the Galaxy SIII is not doing too bad in itself. Yet, the real competition would only begin when Note II again by Samsung comes into the playing field seeing how successful the Note I was. However, when put head to head, regarding various features, the iPhone 5 has come trumps to the SIII. Is that really true? Here is a very interesting infographic that compares the iPhone 5 to its two nearest rivals,the Galaxy SIII and Apple’s own iPhone 4S.

Via: Visual.ly

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  1. Galaxy VS. iphone!!!!!!!!!!

    Galaxy is the best.you can do basically anything on it. It will talk back to you like Sherri off of Austin & Ally. You can get on any website. For instance you can go to coolmath.com for kids who has parents to do something educated. It’s fun and involves math. I choose Galaxy that is my opinon. Sure there might be good/ awesome thing about iphone

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