iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Outselling the Samsung Galaxy S IV in India

In what is a report, that is slightly hard to believe, allegedly the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been outselling the Samsung Galaxy S IV in India. India, widely has been considered a market that is Tier two for Apple while Samsung enjoys a good dominance in at least lower and mid tier smartphones. However, put it down to the growth of brand awareness of Apple in India or simply down to the fact that the iPhones are new and hot while the Galaxy S IV is almost an year old now, this is a real shock.


In a report published on Technobuffalo, an iPhone seller in one of the South Delhi Malls has gone on record to say he had to refresh the iPhone stock every two days instead o the the regular once a week job. Samsung store owners have also commented that the S IV has not reached the sort of heights that the S III had set. that may well primarily be down to the fact that Samsung did not play around with the design much when moving from the Galaxy S III and simply loaded the device with features and similar build quality.

There are no real numbers to support the story, but we are sure there will be some coming our way soon. It is indeed an interesting topic though and may well force the likes of Apple to take the Indian market a little more seriously if the case is true.

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