iPhone 5s Display Assembly Pictures Leaked Online

If the trend set by Apple is to go by, then the next device from the company would be the iPhone 5s, an incremental update to the hugely popular iPhone 5. Although the details about iPhone 5s are barely available, just like expected from any other Apple device which could be in production, but there is no stopping the speculations. Some of the experts in the world of tech believe that the update to iPhone 5s could be a massive update to the internals of iPhone 5. There could also be a change in terms of size of the iPhone 5s which would be another first for Apple as so far all the devices which have been incremental updates such as iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4S have had the same hardware as iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 respectively.


In the leaked images, the internals of the supposed iPhone 5s show a bigger than 4 inch display. The logic board looks authentic, and shows a redesigned points for connectors when compared to the existing board on iPhone 5. You can see the difference between the logic board of the iPhone 5 and 5s in the image below:

iPhone-5S-Logic-Board-Photo-Leak vs iPhone 5

There is no more information about the specs of the iPhone 5s as even the chipset is not present in the leaked shot. You would expect the SoC to be A7, but nothing is for sure. You can expect the iPhone 5s to be released sometime in September keeping in mind the release cycle of Apple.

Via: iGeeksBlog

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