iPhone 5S Parts Leaked in a Picture online

Yes, they have started. So far we have resisted covering iPhone 5S rumors on Blogtechnika for a very simple reason, that is everything is purely speculated and pretty obvious. We know the next iPhone will pack a thinner body, a better battery , the next gen chip and a higher 12 MP camera along with improvements in Siri and some new add ons with iOS 7. You do not have to be a tech expert to report these, cause these are pretty standard iterations when any next generation product is launched and fairly expected.


However, nowherefree.fr is reporting that it has some exclusive shots of components of what are supposedly parts of the iPhone 5S. There is no way to verify if these parts are indeed from the next iPhone, and therefore we do advice all our readers to take this news with a pinch of salt. The components pictured are the front facing camera which is of a vastly different configuration than the one present on the iPhone 5. The other part is pretty much unknown. However, what this does tell us is that there could be a lot more changes in the iPhone 5S than what we expect, maybe all those rumors of a budget iPhone might come true. Who knows?


But a rumor is a rumor so all of it could be nothing but made up stories. But brace yourself cause we are heading towards the period when the iPhone rumors start, and we will have all the important ones covered here.

via: BGR

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