iPhone 5s Prices Officially Cut to Rs 24,999 in India

If you are looking to pick up an iPhone with Touch ID or just need a phone that is slightly diminutive in size but works well and has a strong backing of the ecosystem, then the iPhone 5s is a great choice, even after two years of its release. The device is still good for a secondary phone and works as a great entry gateway into the world of Apple. We may have gone from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s, but the reality is that out of the three devices, the iPhone 5s design has perhaps been perhaps the most appreciated one since the days of the iPhone 4s.

iPhone 5s

And if you are a fan of the iPhone 5s, the way we are, then the good news is that the iPhone 5s has received a permanent price cut in India to Rs 24,999. We have seen iPhones are already heavily discounted on e-com portals, according to this Apple price list, from their MRP and post an official cut on the MRP, you feel that it is a solid chance that the phone will be available for around the Rs 20,000 mark very soon.

At that point, the iPhone 5s is a must buy especially if you are looking to get a phone at a budget. Not only are you getting the quality and customer service of Apple but also a great ecosystem with virtually unlimited apps. So, if you are in the market for a new iPhone, and just want one to try your hands on it, go ahead and pick this one, it’s a great deal.

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