iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c: An Infographic

When Apple announced the iPhone 5s and 5c at the event held on October 10th, this was the very first time when Apple loyalists had a choice of picking two phones which were fresh releases. So far, the strategy from Apple was that the newly launched device goes at the top of the tree whicle the previous year’s flagship was bought to the tier two and sold for $99 on contract and the previous to previous year ones sold for free on contract. However, taking iPhone 5 totally out of the equation Apple has given iPhone fans a big problem as to which newly released device should they pick up.

One one side is the attractive, colorful and perhaps more durable but plastic iPhone 5c, on the other hand you have the shiny, metallic, beautifully crafted but more expensive iPhone 5s with the magic of Touch ID. There is also new dual flash on the iPhone 5s. So to help you make this choice simpler, Sharon Vaknin of CNET has come up with a beautiful Infographic telling you exactly what you would be missing out in case you picked one device and not the other.  Personally, we love the iPhone 5s on Blogtechnika, but you may be more of a color person and like the 5c. Here are the compaisons:


Having gone through it, which one do you plan to pick up? The iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c? Let us know in the section below

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