iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Scores a Poor Repairability Score

Apple has recently announced a smart battery case, which is basically a power jacket that we have seen the likes of Mophie make in the past. The case basically doubles up as a silicon case and a battery juicer. However, the case has come in for a severe criticism thanks to a rather ugly design, very uncharacteristic of Apple. While we can see the utility of the case and why Apple chose to do it, especially given that going forward, it would save Apple some criticism of including a smaller battery in their quest to make iPhone thinner by the year.

Apple Case Battery

However, the ground reality is that the case is not very good, and it looks like it doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of reserve power too. As pointed out by iFixit, the case has an 1877 mAh battery lined up behind an Aluminum plate and while that is just a shade over the 1715 mAh mark battery that the iPhone 6s brings, reports are coming in that the smart battery case is struggling to even charge the iPhone 6s completely from 0 to 100%.

There are a couple of integrated circuits in the case, both of which have very commonly been used by Apple in the past. In case you happen to blow the circuits off, or submerge the case in water, God save you as the case was given a repairability score of a mere 2. The issue is the difficulty in separating the battery from the glue

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