iPhone Accessories That Any User Must Invest On

iPhone has a class and it only gets better with stuff adding up on to it. Well the iPhone is the most awesome gadget that happened to me.To make it look classier and appealing we are compiling a list of 5 accessories that can be used to customize and add substance to the phone, externally and not by customizing the software part.

The list goes as follows:

1.Bumpers and covers (hard case or silicon) :

iPhone’s safety from damage is an important consideration for an iPhone user. There are many covers and bumpers available in the market but i would recommend you three things before you pick your cover, primarily if you are looking for style with moderate safety then you should go in for the bumpers. They are catchy and they are easy to put on. They attach around the rim of the phone and will protect from light damage.These are especially handy if you want to protect the silver-titanium ring around the phone. Secondly, the silicon covers. Well to be frank they are just for show off and provide no safety from accidents. Thirdly, if you’re looking for full accidental safety then i guess you should go in for hard cases which are branded (case-mate is a great option). These provide you with a flexible silicon case and to make it firm there is a hard case that backs it up. The original covers (case-mate) range from Rs. 999 – Rs. 1999. But if you want covers which are not original they are available at any small stores and they range from Rs. 100 – Rs. 500. It’s your phone, your choice. Be wise.

2.Screen Protectors:

Definitely a must have on your phone; this is the most important thing which should be done post buying the phone. The bumpers and covers will save the phone but not the screen. To keep you screen scratch free you should get these screen protectors. There are 2 types of screen protectors available, frosty and clear (transparent). Now, if you want an enhanced touch experience then i would suggest you to get the frosty one, it definitely gives the screen a glossy finish but the touch works really great as there is friction generated on the screen and it helps to enhance the sensitivity. The other one is the clear one. This screen protector gives you the exact look of the screen. It is just like a transparent mirror. The major problem with this screen protector is that it gets a lot of fingerprints while using it and the touch experience is not enhanced. I would suggest the gamers and business people to go in for the frosty cover while the show off’s and just like that users should go in for the clear one.

Prices are same for both the covers. Rs. 100 for one side of the phone. So it makes it Rs. 200 for both sides. There are many people who charge more than this but please don’t be under this impression that it’s an expensive phone so you should get a protector which is more expensive.

3. Capacitive stylus:

Once upon a time, stylus were such an in thing, in fact it was something without which operating of touch screen devices could not be imagined, they are a useful add on if you are a note-aholic however, I would not recommend this add-on to your phone because the best response that you get from the phone is via human touch. This is an add-on just in case you are using gestures to write anything may it be emails or notes etc. This is available on eBay and can be ordered easily. This looks like a pen and can be used to operate the phone like other touch phones with stylus

4. A Pair Of Expensive Headphones:

iPhone has an inbuilt iPod so obviously there has to be a better music experience. Well i would suggest you to stop using the native in-box apple headphones. There are many options available to enhance the music experience. For example you might want to get a pair of skull candy headphones or earphones that have great sound. A better quality pair of headphones or earphones will definitely be a positive add-on. You can read our guide to good headphones here so as to help you choose what headphones you must get.

5. Car Charger Kit and Solar Charging Kit:

The iPhone 4 has a decent battery life but if you’re using it all day to work on it or play games it definitely will drain out the battery. The iPhone 4S had battery issues just after the launch. Well keeping aside that fact lets focus upon the accessories. The car charger kit as the name tells you will charge your phone while you’re driving. The input goes into the lighter input and on the other end the phone is connected and works when the battery of the car is on. The solar charger is also very obvious from the name that it charges the battery using solar energy. Both the accessories are available at the Imagine store(Apple retail) in India. The price of the car charger kit would range between Rs. 500- Rs.1000 while the solar charger at the Imagine store costs you Rs. 4999.

These were according to us the most important 5 accessories and add-on’s that you must consider using for your iPhone.

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