iPhone Game: Train Conductor 2 USA Review

iPhone app store is crowded with lots of amazing games. It is very difficult to find the best games out of it. While digging through many games I found out one really nice game known as Train Conductor 2. If you love trains and adventerous journey then this game is for you. The game is developed by Voxel Agents.

How to play the game

The basic of this game is to guide trains to their assigned tracks. Note that train should not be crashed to each other in this process. In the game you will see the trains coming from both the directions. You’ll get point if you successfully guide the train and let them on the correct track. If the train will cross the screen without getting crashed you’ll get a point. The game will over as the trains get crash.

How to control the trains

You have to draw a line from track to train using your finger. You have to match the train and track number using this line. You can stop the train by tapping your finger over the train. As the stage clears, the difficulty level will rise as the train speed will become faster and faster.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics used in this game is good.  The main feature of the game is its speed. Also developer used nice looking US locations such as Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, New York in the game. The music changes as you go from one stage to other.

Overall if you like speedy game and adventurous journey then this is a nice game to purchase out. This app is not free and it costs $0.99.

Download from iTunes.

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