iPhone Tweaks You Must Check Out This Weekend- Part 2

We are here with yet another list of tweaks that you must check out for your iPhone this weekend. If you missed the previous version, you can find it here. Without making you wait further, these are our chosen tweaks for this weekend.

1) PopPod:

iPod becomes boring sometimes and you want to change the way iPod looks. Well this tweak exactly lets you do it through the home screen or the LockScreen. You cannot read the lyrics from the home screen but with this tweak named PopPod you can do that.
PopPod is a new Cydia tweak that gives you a little bit more control over your iPhone or iPad’s iPod.app.

  • These are some of the features available with this tweak:
  • Artwork and Volume Control on Popup.
  • 5 buttons: Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Lyrics and Open.
  • Textured button (located in /var/mobile/Library/PopPod/ for those who wish to re-theme it)

This tweak works really great with Activator, so you can assign whichever gesture(s) you’d like to activate it for example you might set an activator gesture like swiping up the screen from the bottom to activate the tweak and thus PopPod will start up. PopPod is available for $1.49 in the Cydia Store. There are no icons added to your Springboard and settings can be configured in your main Settings.app.

2) StyleUnlock:

There are different ways to unlock your device, there is a tweak named ‘move LockScreen’ which gives the ability to move the screen and unlock the device but here we are using another tweak named StyleUnlock which gives us different gestural unlocks to unlock the LockScreen.

StyleUnlock is a free iPhone and iPad tweak available in Cydia that lets you unlock your device by using up to 13 different gestures which include 1 finger swipe-up, 1 finger swipe-down, 1 finger swipe-left, 1 finger tap-and-hold, etc. there is one feature that would restrain users from using it and that would be that StyleUnlock works even if you have a passcode set.We prefer Move LockScreen to Unlock or Move2Unlock over StyleUnlock, but this is still a cool, free tweak worth checking out once. There are no icons added to your SpringBoard, and settings can be configured in your main Settings.app.

3) SlideAway:

Theming the LockScreen is a great deal for people who love customising their phone. This tweak named slide away lets you access your favourite stuff from the LockScreen. it is a cool new LockScreen tweak available in the Cydia Store that lets you access your favourite apps, add custom shortcuts, adjust your iPhone’s brightness, check unread emails, texts, notifications, and more right from your LockScreen. To top it all, SlideAway is theme able full on, with some awesome custom themes already available in Cydia.

There are plenty of ways to customize your LockScreen, but what SlideAway does is brings features other popular LockScreen tweaks together, integrated into one. It is very easy to use. SlideAway is available in the Cydia Store for $2.99.No new icons will be added to your SpringBoard, and settings can be configured in your main Settings.app.

4)  SMS Signature:

Everyone loves signatures. I remember being a kid and signing at the back of my notebook. Many people in day to day life sign at many different places. May it be chequebooks or documents and emails etc. then why back off from signing the text messages that you send? We have an answer for that, SMS Signature is a new tweak now available in Cydia that lets you automatically add a custom signature to all of your outgoing SMS text messages, just like you do with your email messages.

This feature is available by default if you’re using BiteSMS. It is a real handy tweak which might be useful to some and some might think that it’s useless. It’s on you to decide.SMS Signature is available for free in Cydia, and there are no new icons added to your SpringBoard. SMS Signature settings can be configured in your main Settings.app.

5) Easy Rearrange:

Do you want to rearrange your icons they way you want to? Well it is here.. the new tweak named EasyRearrange lets you do this very easily.

EasyRearrange is a cool iPhone tweak available for free in Cydia that lets you freely and easily arrange all of your SpringBoard app icons as you desire. Maybe there was some problem with my phone, but it wasn’t working properly on my phone. It had some bugs but works fine with the iPod. This is a cool, very small tweak with no settings to configure. The major problem which users were facing was that if you had this tweak installed on your phone then the small “x” sign was not available so you could not delete any application you wanted. But as i said earlier the new version update will fix it completely and yes it has the new version v 0.0.1-9 was released fixing all the bugs and allowing you till kill applications in the multitasking bar and allowing one to delete the application on the springboard as well.

So these were our pick of five tweaks that you must definitely check out this weekend. What do you think about them? Do let us know.

Note: Blogtechnika will not be responsible if you brick your device while using these tweaks.

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