iPhone Tweaks You Must Check Out This Weekend- Part 3

Bringing the very best tweaks to you has become a passion for all of us here at Blogtechnika. Over the past 2 weeks, we have bought for you a list of tweaks that you must check out on a weekend to make your iPhone look even prettier and enhance the functionality. We are back with yet another post.


GraviBoard is a brand new and fun to have Tweak which makes the icons lose gravity! Turning on the tweak would bring gravity or would remove gravity to the home screen, and is guaranteed to amaze both you and your friends. All the icons on your home screen will fall down or up and the mayhem of icons will begin! One can configure options from the Settings app. You can use your finger to flick the icons anywhere on the screen. To download this tweak you will have to add a repository http://ihacksrepo.com/


Sliding right and left on the iOS screen might get boring after some time. Well, here is a tweak to make the monotonous sliding history. Barrel which can be found under the sinful iphone repo. This tweak adds a 3D effect to the pages on the iOS screen. One can choose between many transitions for example, curl and roll away, flippy, vertical scrolling etc. This tweak will definitely make an impression. It is a must have.


SleepFX is a very cool new Tweak. This tweak enables your iphone to animate the locking screen. When the device is put to sleep, instead of just blacking out instantly this tweak gives it an animation which makes it turn on and off smartly. You can choose a sound as well, along with a variety of custom animations. The tweak works well, it also has good configuration options through which one can control the speed of the transition, enabling and disabling of sounds and to select the style of locking.


CameraWallpaper allows the users to replace the static wallpaper with live feed from phone’s camera. This is a killer application. This definitely will make u the coolest kid on the block. Users can also take photos instantly (without the need to launch the Camera app). IPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G user will also be able to switch between front and rear cameras. IPhone 4 users can toggle the flash option too. However there is a drawback being the coolest kid on the block which is the battery usage. If you are installing this tweak be sure to carry your charger along with you, you might need it anytime.


This tweak adds a 3D effect to your phone’s Home screen. Deepend works by altering your wallpaper’s orientation based on movement of the device. It makes use of the gyroscope of one’s iPhone 4 to be able to alter the display orientation of one’s iPhone. To download this tweak to your Phone you’ve to include the repository http://rpetri.ch/repo/. You may then download the tweak at no cost.

I hope our selection of tweaks has helped you make your iPhone at least 5 times better. If you have more tweaks and would like us to cover some other tweaks, do let us know.

Note: Blogtechnika is not responsible if your phone bricks while using these tweaks.


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