iPhone Tweaks You must Check Out This Weekend

Weekends can be pretty boring if you have nothing to do. There are plenty of football games, time to rest and maybe catch up on all the stuff you have missed out during the week, but what if you are done away with all of this. In that case, here is our weekend special for you. We pick five applications or tweaks that you must check out this weekend, to make your iPhone even better.

1) Flipover:

Have you been in a situation where you have to put your phone onto silent suddenly? Well its happened with me and so i find this tweak useful. FlipOver is an iPhone tweak available for $0.99 in the Cydia Store that allows you to put your phone to silent mode or lock your iPhone simply by flipping your device over so that it’s face down. Roll your iPhone back over, and it will automatically un-mute or unlock. It’s a pretty cool tweak and a must use. It will definitely be useful in crisis. If you are sitting in a meeting and want to lock your phone and put it into silent mode then this helps.

FlipOver runs as a Mobile Substrate extension and settings can be configured in your main Settings.app. No third-party icons are added to your SpringBoard. This tweak also runs on iPods and iPads. But i guess does not hold any utility in these devices.

2) VoiceChange:

We’ve seen voice-changing apps/tweaks on iOS before but they are not that precise. VoiceChange, a new tweak in Cydia, is unique in a way that it lets you change the pitch of your voice in real-time, during a phone call on your iPhone. This feature is not provided by any other application. VoiceChange is free to download. But when making a call the application will divert you your call through a remote server using an international or premium number.

International rates will apply here.It’s tempting to try this tweak out, but i would recommend holding off on using VoiceChange until there’s some more user feedback available. The application is good but then we are not really sure about the international call thing. It might be any country’s server and might cost you a lot. VoiceChange might just be the deal you’re looking for and the international call fees are low. Using this tweak and changing the settings is very easy, just open the including application on your SpringBoard after downloading and configure it as desired.

3) Photector:

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a picture from your Camera Roll in the past, you probably would wish you had something installed on your phone which would not have let this happen then you’re looking for this new awesome tweak. Photector is a free tweak available in Cydia that allows you to password-protect your photos on your iPhone or other iOS device from deletion.

This application only saves your photos from being deleted. This password protection does not help your photos to be hidden or stop people from viewing it. Application is just in case anyone accidently deletes the photos then this popup will come up prompting for the password. If you’re looking for a tweak which will help protect your photos from being viewed by others the look for a post named “Pic lock 2”. Photector can be configured in your main Settings.app; no new icons will be added to your Springboard.

4) Dock:

A new version of Dock was released recently in Cydia which had a major difference from the original version that this version is compatible and does not crash while working with other famous tweaks named SBRotator, Infinifolders, and ScrollingBoard. The compatibility issue has been sorted out.Dock is a new tweak, available for $4.99 in the Cydia Store that adds a small Mac OSX-style dock to your iPhone’s SpringBoard. This awesome little Dock can help you manage your iPhone’s background processes, add app shortcuts, quickly switch between different apps quickly. One thing to keep in mind is that this does not replace the native iOS dock in the phone.

Full Features Of The Application are:

  • Now supports iPad (looks classy on a large screen)
  • Multi-task management, quickly switch between background apps
  • Customizable application shortcuts
  • Quickly open applications and switch between apps, even while the screen is locked.
  • More than one way to view your Dock
  • Double tap Status bar.
  • Short hold Status bar.
  • Double tap Home button.
  • QuickDo gestures, etc.
  • iOS4 folder support.
  • Custom themes support.

5) UnFolder

With the hundreds of cool iPhone tweaks available to users who have jailbroken iDevices, some of them are time-saving, convenient  and enhancing tweaks that we use on a daily basis and the best part is that majority of which are available free.

If you’re obsessed with using folders on your iOS 4.0 and above then, UnFolder falls into this category of utility tweaks for you. Till now, in order to delete a Folder from your SpringBoard, you had to open it up and remove each application, one by one, until the folder was empty. Only then could you delete the folder. It proved to be a pain only till we found out the new tweak.  UnFolder fixes this little iOS problem by allowing you to delete a Folder with a single tap. Once you tap the cross (x) button to delete the folder, all of the apps will appear back on your homescreen and the folder will be deleted for good.UnFolder is available for free in the big boss repo, no new icons will be added to your SpringBoard, and there are no settings to configure.

I hope we have given you some awesome tweaks for this weekend. Do you have a few more you would like to share with us? Do let us know.


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