iPhone vs Android: Social App Usage comparison

Look around any article which talks about the first few set of applications that you must download when picking a new Android or an iPhone and I bet just about every single one of them will have one or the other Social Media application as recommendation there. Social media consumption on smart phones has seen an exponential rise in the past few years and no wonder the developers of these apps are working overtime in making sure the experience on mobile is tailor made for the devices and it’s users.

However, it is always an interesting when Android and iOS are being compared against each other. We have seen it all practically. From the marketplace shares to the app shares and so much more. But it is pretty unique to see how iOS and Android stand up against each other when it comes to utilizing Social Media. So, when we came across this infographic, we thought it is the sort of stuff that would not only be interesting but also tell a trend that maybe most of us are not well aware of. As in, pretty sure, you did not know that a person on an Android device is more likely to Tweet while those on iOS prefer Facebook. Check out the entire shares with percentages in the infographic below:

Social Apps

Via: Onavo

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