iPhoto: Head honcho of your photos(Part II) For Macintosh

Now Edit the pictures your way on your Macintosh using iPhoto. iPhoto has  everything you will need to modify your photos. You can remove red eye, adjust exposure, brightness and contrast with just a single click. You can use Enhance tool and iPhoto will automatically adjust the dull photos. You can use Retouch for removing spots and blemishes. Today we follow up from our first part that you can read here and tell you some more things that you can use iPhoto for:

Make your photos effective.

With iPhoto you will have much more fun tweaking your pictures as do while taking them. With iPhoto effects, you can convert color photos to black and white, try a classic sepia tone, add a vignette border, make it antique, blur the edges and more. You can check all the effects without any worry as you can revert back to original photo by clicking on None thumbnail, which removes all the effects. Every effect made in iPhoto is in fact reversible, make any kind change without worrying about the originality of the photos.

Mail your photos

When your photos look amazing then they are worth sharing. iPhoto turns emailed photos into something much more fun and creative than mere attachments. Everything happens right in iPhoto; you don’t even have to open Mail. Start by choosing an Apple-designed theme like Announcement, Cardstock, or Collage. Then just select your photos and watch as iPhoto places them in the template automatically. Swap the position of one image with another. Pan and zoom for just the right focus. Change the size and style of your text. Even attach high-resolution versions of your photos. iPhoto automatically formats your message, so it’s always the perfect size.

Well disposed with Facebook

Even your iPhoto is a bigger fan of Facebook now. Not only can you use iPhoto to change your Facebook profile picture, but you can choose to upload photos directly to your Wall or to an existing album. If your photos have names you’ve added using Faces, iPhoto converts them to Facebook name tags. iPhoto even displays your Facebook photo albums — whether they were published with iPhoto or another application. What’s more, when your friends leave comments on your photos, you’ll see them in iPhoto.

Carry your photos with you

In case you want to carry your photos with you you can use iTunes to wirelessly sync specific Events, Albums, or even Faces to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Or you can have the photos you import from your camera or SD card to your library added to your Photo Stream in iCloud automatically. Then you can enjoy and share them on any of your iOS devices.

Relive your memories with iPhoto

iPhoto slideshows are so cinematic, they’ll take you back to the very moment each photo was snapped.You can choose from a dozen animated themes that each do something spectacular. The Places theme, for instance, uses the location of your photos to create a map where you jump from one location to the next through the lens of your camera. iPhoto slideshow themes include professionally designed layouts, titles, and transitions that make a perfect backdrop for your photos. Face detection in iPhoto automatically centers and frames shots with people in them. So the focus of your slideshow is where it should be.

Click a theme to play a full-screen slideshow — accompanied by any song from your iTunes library. Fast-forward or rewind your slideshow using the filmstrip. Reorder photos, set the length of time individual photos remain onscreen, or, with some themes, choose different transitions. When you’re happy with your slideshow, export it as a QuickTime movie that’s sharable on the web and playable on any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Here we have made you aware about the effects, editing etc that you can do with your photos to make them look classic and share them with your friends, family. If you have any queries, please leave your comment below, we will surely get back to you.


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