Is a native Gmail app arriving soon on iPhone?

Tech world is rather boring without its share of rumours. Sometimes we feel like being a part of the Hollywood brigade with the number of rumours but it’s all fun. And at blogtechnika, we usually get our rumour mills right. Gmail is without a shadow of doubt the most popular email client out there and majority of the world uses it to communicate with. And iPhone is without a doubt the most famous phone out there, so it would not be hard to imagine that the iPhone would have a native support for the Gmail client given its love for applications. However, the only glitch with this is the fact that Gmail is the native of ios’ biggest rival in Android and the hatred is for the world to see.

However, we have read at pretty good sources at that finally a native Gmail application is about to be launched for the iPhone. The onlookers say that the app is stunningly pretty and very similar to the new gmail app in the recently launched ice cream sandwich Android os. The launch of this application definitely comes as a welcome news for frustrated iOS users who have on various occasions expressed a disinterest with the native mail application. Given how long the processing of this app has taken, it would be a decent guess that the app out would do both apple and Gmail brands plenty of justice.

One feature that is rumoured to be the breaking point is the addition of push notifications in the mail. This would pretty much make the Gmail like the famous blackberry services known for its instant delivery of e mails. Various other features such as starred mail, folders, priority inbox can be expected too. One good thing with the launch of this app could well be that we may get some sort of upgrade to the new version of Google plus just like how it has been on android os. Over all, it does seem that the Google experience on the iOS is steadily improving and a good native Gmail app would only o a long way in improving the experience.

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