Is a new Asus Transformer Tablet Coming Soon?

Asus Transformer is one of the most revered Android Tablet series out there. In fact, apart from the Nexus line, the transformer line of tablets is all anybody in their right minds will invest in as far as Android powered tablets go. However, due to general falling of the ecosystem, at least in terms of tablet optimised app, tablets on Android have not been the hit, it initially was feared to being. It has been a while since we have seen a mega product come from the factories of Asus, but that is set to change as we may well have the new Asus Transformer tablet in a matter of days.


Asus has taken to its Facebook page to tease us with a creative that something big is coming in the very near future. Although adding up the rumors, you feel that Asus will take to IFA in order to announce the new Transformer, but the company is not expected to have a presence among those at IFA. This could perhaps mean a separate event later on, a bit like Samsung maybe?

There have been little scoop in terms of rumor of what is coming but what is clear to see is that the tablet will have the same sharp features and ginormous display that we have come to expect from Asus. It may also be a marking of a new product line, since the menu bar on the tablet is on top instead of being bottom the way we have been used to now. We will certainly be keeping our eyes on this with great interest.

Via: Technobuffalo

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