Is Apple Looking at Fuel Cells to Power Next Generation of Macbooks?

The new generation Macbooks have a very generous battery life of about 9 to 10 hours on a typical usage, which is pretty awesome. This number is pretty much double of what most Windows machines are able to give their users. However, in the quest for taking battery technology to another level and provide unprecedented backup for their Macbooks, Apple is reportedly looking at Fuel Cells as the alternative technology for battery technology on its next generation of Macbooks. This would basically allow users to use their laptops for weeks on end without any need for a charger.

Fuel Cell System

The news comes from a patent that Apple has filed where Apple shows an internal small fuel source where potential fuel could be mixed with an oxidizing agent such as water, oxygen and more. Some of the fuels that Apple has mentioned in its patent include borohydride, sodium silicate, lithium hydride, magnesium hydride, a hydrocarbon and liquid hydrogen. Apple also lists that the source of power for the entire cell will be the Magsafe adapter, making it absolutely clear that the technology will be only brought to Macbooks at least to start off with.

The idea of Fuel Cells comes from automobile industry, seeing which a British company has developed a built in hyderogen cell which can power an iPhone for the whole week . The same technology is reportedly already being tested for iPhones too in Cupertino. It is worth noting that this is not the first patent on Fuel Cells that Apple has filed and that there have been a fair few of them, including one about external fuel cells system filed in March.

Via: Wired

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