Is blogging is an invitation to Doctor

Blogging may be ebullient term for those geeks who want to spend day and night in front of computer screen but blogging may give you a gift which you never want to except. Yes, I am sharing my own experience to those who want to make a career in blogging field or those who live insurgent life.

The story started on February this year when I started giving time on internet, I came to knew the power of WordPress and blogging when I attended Wordcamp, I started blogging and I made some target, I achieved most of them, I saw many phases of life in my small blogging career, but I had a dream, something very big dream, apart from my 9 hours day job I give 6 hours daily on internet, without any rest, without any break, .Since I had lot of freelancing work to do I had a very tight schedule. Everything was planned, according to my plan such that I would never run out of my blog interest and money.

But lots of surprises were waiting for me, on 26th of September I went to GIP mall at Noida along with my friends, on returning from that place it felt a slight headache. I thought it was a normal pain. I returned home and take a quick rest. On next morning I wake up with a stark pain in my head, I didn’t understand what happened to me, I again take the headache very lightly, on third day I had to take a train and reached my home. In train though I was alone on my seat but I got a companion in a form of headache. Finally I reached my home city Varanasi, I ran to the doctor before reaching my home. Finally doctor told me something much unexpected. He told me that you are suffering from Migraine. A severe head aching disease.


I asked doctor many times to counter check me, but doctor was very much firmed. He told me to take a bed rest and not to sit in front of 15 inch screen to do any work. Now again I am in dilemma, what would I do to now? How can I spend my remaining life in front of my laptop? How could I get targeted by this intense disease? Why God choose me to give this break. What will be the next? Where I am going? What would be my future? I am surrounded by too many questions. Everything is now dark in front of me.

Though after taking one week of complete bed rest I am fine and back to work, , my favourite work, i.e. Blogging, and able to write this article, but I am working in fear, now I can’t spend 16 hours daily on internet, my time is limited, I live with lots of medicine and eye drops.

Quick Tip: In case if you regular work on a computer and face a headache for 2 or 3 days, don’t take pain killers (analgesics) like Disprin, Saridon etc. You should consult to your doctor and have a proper check and tests for your eyes.

I request you all not to ignore your health. You should take all these steps to relieve yourself from blogging stress. Have a regular checkups from doctor.

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  1. Blogging gives you two types of disease first one is headache and the second one is weak eye-side problem.
    Without caring about these hazardous freelancer work because they are passionate about it.

  2. Nice one Himanshu, its really bad to see you out of work, Welcome back , I know you are going to rock on the internet, all the best.

  3. I strongly agree with you..I also feel that you one among rare bloggers who discuss de negative side of blogging..It will enlighten others!

  4. this is what my mother say to me….you should not give that much to ONE thing that after few years, you are not able to do that 🙂

  5. I feel so sad after reading your story and hope for speedy recovery. I guess I need to learn so many things from you, even I spend 16-18 hours a day working and I forget about almost everything around me… Thanks Himanshu for this eye-opening post.

    • Dude i used to think how you are online most of the time ..That may spoil good health…That’s why i think blogging as profession can hurt the health .It’s my personal opinion..

  6. Seriously I never thought that blogging can be harmful to us.
    Thanks for this post and I really appreciate your work. I wish that You will become a very successful person.

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