Is Carrier Billing on the way for Airtel Users on Android?

Plenty has been written, said and discussed about carrier billing and the prospects of the same in India. Indians are known to be wary when making payments online to purchase apps or utilities and as a result would much rather pick up a freebie or even download a pirated copy than complement the developer. As a result, a few years ago Nokia had come up with Carrier Billing, where users could pick things from nokia store and pay it via their carrier credit. This was a popular move all those years ago, but since then has been rolled back with Android and iOS numbers on the rise and their insistence of having direct billing.

Airtel billing

However, looks like it is finally the time when we will see some form of carrier billing return, with Airtel said to be in talks with Google according to a report in Economic Times. According to the same report, the talks were held in regards to allowing consumers purchase e-books, apps as well as in app purchases via the carrier. The stumbling block at the moment is revenue sharing, but an agreement is expected to be reached soon. At moment though, Google is said to be asking at least 90% of the revenue which may well be putting Airtel away.

Traditionally the split has been about 50-50, but that is not expected to happen here. Vodafone too, currently is paying a cut of 30% to the content creator for its SIM services. However, if this deal is announced, it would be a huge relief for the stumbling block that payments currently are when it comes to India. Microsoft too is expected to finally lay the details of its carrier billing partnerships with the major telecom companies of India very soon.


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