Is Facebook is Building a New Phone With iPhone Engineers?

There are rumors everywhere that Facebook is building its own phone for dedicated Facebook lovers. This phone will equipped with core social networking features. As reported by CNET, Facebook is building a phone with the help of Apple engineers. Recently Facebook hired six talented engineers from Apple who worked on iPhone and iPad.

Also, few days back AllthingsD reported that Facebook is building phone with the help of HTC and the project is known as “Buffy”. HTC, previously released one mobile handset dedicated for Facebook user, which is known as HTC Chacha (HTC Status).

Both Facebook and HTC still declined to comment on this. But according to NYTimes reporter Nick Bilton, Facebook is going to release this phone next year. Mark Zuckerberg is worried that Facebook is still an app in the mobile devices. His vision is to make it bigger. To implement this social networking website in the core of heart and to deliver best user experience to the user. It will interesting to see the new phone. Will it change the way we use phone or become a disaster product. Time will say.


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