Is Facebook The Best Tech Company To Work At?

As a Tech Enthusiast you are always on the lookout for the most challenging as well as competitive company to work for. You look out for facilities, the type of people you would working for and above all you look at the atmosphere in the whole place. According to a survey conducted recently by Glassdoor which conducts this activity once an year, Facebook has been voted this year as the best place to work for.


The reviews submitted were based on the salaries, opportunities, work, life and various other aspects of working for an established firm. Facebook defeated companies such as Google which finished sixth, LinkedIn which finished fourteenth and Intel which came at thirty first spot. This is indeed a mighty impressive feet for Facebook, which is still a relative newbie for a company. Surprisingly, neither Apple nor Google made the list despite regularly being there in the past five years.

A Facebook representative told Glassdoor “The company’s leadership truly believes in Facebook’s mission to make the world more open and connected. Teams are small and have a lot of autonomy, and it’s amazing to see how much of a difference a single person can make at this place.”

Here is an interesting video that would give you a great insight to what is it to be involved with Facebook and what indeed goes behind the scenes of what now is the best company to work at:



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