Is Future Of E-Mail More Mobile?

E-Mails have been one of the greatest gifts of the internet. There was a time we had to wait for days on end to see if our letters would reach our relatives who lived far off, but E-Mails have cut that trouble down to zero. We can send mails to remotest areas even in Africa and get a reply within seconds. It is all so easy. But all of this was sitting on a PC or a laptop, what if E-Mails are even more mobile? Recent stories show that people tend to use their smart phone or tablets to send mails a lot more than they do from their desktops, i mean in my personal case too, i hardly remember sending mails from the desktop, all the mils are attended to and replied promptly thanks to a large galaxy of devices without any reference to Samsung’s range of devices. And that is the way the world is progressing, E-mail is a lot more mobile today which makes sure we read the important document or letter right on the go without having to wait to reach home or office and boot our laptop. A massive credit for this must go to RIM for revolutionizing Mail on the go.

Here is an interesting infographic, that would help make my point even stronger. You can see how far we have come as technology continues to become so much more handy and mobile:





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