Is Google Set to Release the Android 5.1 Lollipo Update?

Google announced Lollipop update almost 3 months ago, and since then barely 2% of the devices have got the update. It is the lack of this vertical integration across Android ecosystem which has been an extremely frustrating aspect for both the OEMs and the users of the OS. And it looks like just when everybody was finally working on the code sent by Google for Lollipop the next leap is just about here.


The Android One website in Indonesia by mistake gave away the fact that Google is working on the Lollipop 5.1 update for the devices, and Android One would be one of the very first to receive the update. The update brings some interesting changes, and while the visuals remain the same, there are a fair few changes in the functionalities. For example, you have a new dropdown for WiFi and Bluetooth which will allow you to select which WiFi to connect to or even which Bluetooth device to connect to. Other than this, you have a new battery app with much more detailed analysis of what is seeping your battery out.

Other than these two, you have the usual suspects such as better RAM management, prevention of app crashes, fixing of the Okay Google implementation, battery stabilization and better overall performance. It is not clear when the update will be officially available but it surely is not too far away.

via: Android Police

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