Is Google Working with LG for the Next Nexus Phone?

It would not be a far fetched claim that the LG Nexus 4 was probably the best designed Nexus device ever made. The glass back and neat metallic trims, practicality aside, were a treat to the eyes. Although the phone still suffers from shortage in supply and nobody knows who is to be blamed for that, the phone has pretty much been a hit with the community. And keeping up with the legacy of the Nexus 4, Google reportedly teaming up with LG once again for the design of their next Nexus smart phone.

Nexus 4

This news was reported by Korea Times that serious efforts are being put into re creating the magic of Nexus 4 but when the tech agencies contacted LG about it, they preferred to say tight lipped on the situation by saying they do not respond to rumors. a  nexus device may not be all on the agenda as there are mummers doing the round that Google is reaching for LG’s support in helping them in production of Google TV and perhaps even Glass.

Although, no clear dates have been mentioned when the next Nexus phone would be launched, but we are pretty confident that the upcoming Google I/O would come too early for the next Nexus smart phone.

Via: Engadget 

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