Is HTC working on a 5 inch+ Phone Codenamed T6?

Imagine if somebody told you a couple of years ago that you will be sporting a 5 inch smart phone in your pocket. You have laughed your heads off and called them names I would rather not write here. But today, a 5 inch screen is no big deal, in fact it has sort of become a standard. Ask those who call the iPhone 5 and its 4 inch display puny. But one company so far that has stayed away from the size does matter game is HTC. They have gone as high as 4.7 inches on most of their devices such as the HTC One X or the One and unless you want to consider devices such as Sensation XL, whose existence is as meaningful as pluto in solar system, they have kept their devices pretty much of sensible size. No more though.

HTC T6 Phablet

According to the latest reports, HTC is all set to launch a device to compete in the Phablet category of devices, or phones which double up as Tablets thanks to their absolute mammoth size. The T6 could easily be branded the One+ which is the route HTC have gone in the past naming the successor to HTC One X as One X+. There have been more than one reference found of the name T6 in Japan which seemingly different connectivities, clearly indicating that HTC T6 would be a global device and support various carriers.

If the rumor does come true then HTC T6 would definitely be going up against the Note II or the Optimus G Pro in the large phone category. However, you got to believe with a better build quality that is synonymous with HTC, the Note II will no longer be an automatic winner when it comes to picking up the best phablet.

Via: Android Authority

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