Is Instagram Getting Vine Like Short Video Sharing Feature?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing applications across iOS and Android. It is so popular that iOS 7 has a square camera so that people can take images ready for uploading on Instagram without having to crop extra details from the images. Recently Instagram added the feature to tag your friends in the images, similar to facebook. If you have seen the feature, yet do not want your tagged images to show on your profile page, then you can follow our guide here.


Looks like Instagram is picking up best features of various services and Vine seems to be next on cards. Vine allows users to shoot a 6 second video clip and share it to friends. Reports are that this 3 second video capture is set to roll out in Instagram starting 20th of this month. Not much is known what Instagram features will be rolled out in the video section, such as if there would be the ability to add filters to the video or do any sort of editing. Vine does not allow any editing and all you can do is pause the video before starting it again.

We do hope that there is an Android as well as iOS release for the feature, whenever/if it does happen.

Via: Phonedog

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