Is iPad’s Dominance of Tablet Market finally under Threat?

When Steve Jobs released the first iPad, lot of people in the know of technology laughed as he claimed that Tablets would be the next big thing and we would gradually shift to a Post PC era. Years down the line, we realize how right he was and how little the ordinary men knew. According to IDC, more tablets were sold in the period of January to March than the whole of 2012 and that is a pretty exponential rise. When it comes to tablets, the iPad has always enjoyed a monopoly as the stand out player.

Tablet Market

However, it looks, just like the smart phone market, Android is closing in on Apple in this market too. Put it down to the fact that Android is ruling the roost in the low budget segment where Apple does not operate or simply down to the open nature of OS,  Android is on a hot pursuit. Although Apple recorded the highest sales in terms of products sold per OEM at a staggering 19.5 Million units in the last quarter,  the most sold OS was Android mainly down to a growth seen by tablets manufactured by Samsung, Asus and Amazon, all of which run Android.

This does sound warning bells, as despite selling the highest number of units, the most sold OS on tablets is Android. Not sure, Apple would be losing much sleep at these numbers since they have always been a premium brand and not one to simply look and boost their sales figures.

What is your OS of choice when it comes to Tablets? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Gigaom

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