Is iPhone 4S Worth The Upgrade?

I know, the first reaction a lot of you would have would be Oh man, not iPhone again. But hey, this is the one that matters. It’s been about 4 days since iPhone 4S has started rolling out and the whole world seems to ask just one thing, is it worth the upgrade? So here I shall try and answer this rather difficult question for you.

First things first, if you are a total fanboi and really don’t care where your money is drained down, don’t even bother reading any further, you would really save your time and you really should hurry to the closest Apple Retail Store to pick your latest iPhone 4S. If you are not and like a lot of people a person run by common sense and a measure of reasoning, thanks for staying by!!!

I would like to suggest that, if you already own an iPhone 4, the upgrade is definitely not worth it. The only difference between the 4S and 4 is the amount of speed the two phones are packing, and by no means at all 4 is a slow phone, in fact its still one of the nifty fast phones I have used till date and for all the goodness of high end specs and Dual Core Action of the 4S, the developers are yet to take full advantage of the bumped up hardware so there really is no Application out there that would run better on 4S. Then there is the Siri factor, i really cannot understand how Siri could be the only thing that could get you to buy a phone, I mean yes, it’s a really cool feature but talking to your cell phone is not smart, at least in my world, its actually borderline silly doing it is public, i mean, imagine yourself yelling at this white device in public cause it refuses to call your Indian friend, as its not programmed to read Indian names well? And at last, there is the new 8 MP camera, yes its a wonderful camera, its IMO the best on board cell phone camera out there, so if you are big into cellphone pictures, this is a definite go ahead.

However, if you are on another phone and want to test the iWorld as it’s called, or even the older iPhones like the 3G or 3GS, the jump is definitely worth making. iPhone 4S is without a shadow of a doubt the best iPhone out there and actually stacks up really well to most of its Android variants. The raw speed and high data speeds really make it a fantastic choice. Its essentially a faster iPhone 4.All the goodness of iOS 5 is also worth considering but that can very well be seen with the older iPhone models.

Now with the impeding launch of the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime, we actually have a very good alternative to the iPhone, so my advice to all you people would be, just wait for this week, see what Google comes out with and then decide what to do. Would you be upgrading and buying the new iPhone 4S? Do let us know.

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