Is Modbook All Set To Come Back?

Ever heard of MORDOR…err…MODBOOK???? you could be forgiven given the fact that the dreams of the original Modbook died with the release of iPad in 2010. The first version of the hacked notebook preceded Apple’s announcement of  the iPad by two years. When the iPad finally hit the markets in 2010, it did a lot to address the desire for a slate device running Apple Software. Since then, things have largely remained silent on the Axiotron front. In fact, the last time we heard a significant peep out of the company was back in 2009. Its former CEO Andreas Haas assured us, however, that the real reason for the company’s silence is a bit more complicated than the story of yet another product falling victim to the Apple steamroller.

After being renamed Modbook Inc. the company teased via its facebook page. This time round marks the return of a 13.3 in tablet device named ModBook pro. The question arises, can such a device stand tall in a market flooded with Android tablets and the mighty iPad? The folks at Modbook Inc. feel it can. They say the product is unique enough to differentiate themselves from the bunch as its the most powerful and largest screen tablet in the world. And how is that? It’s easy to see their point — the iPad and most Android tablets are certainly limited as tools for creative professionals. The Modbook Pro, on the other hand, gives the user full OS functionality on a stylus input device. With the base configuration, you’re getting a 2.5GHz, dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (upgradable to a 2.9GHz, dual-core Intel Core i7), up to 16GB of RAM and up to either a 1TB HDD or 960GB SSD, for starters — this is very much a real computer. On top of all of that is a pen system that offers 512 pressure levels on its 1280 by 800 pixel display.

Keeping the company tradition intact, the Modbook will run a hacked version of OS X. But unlike the past Modbook, born in an era where dual boot wasn’t a reality, the company is pushing the Windows experience on this device. The release version will run Windows 7 and can be easily upgraded to windows 8 Pro.

“Having Windows upgrade the Operating System to a better interface [is something] we welcome, because that makes our device even better all around. And if the other manufacturers don’t change their hardware and actually change their target group, it doesn’t bother us.” says Haas.

In other words, as long as other device makers target consumers and not professionals, Modbook will be just fine, which remains to be seen, of course. As far as availability is concerned, expect it round about the time Windows 8 is slated for release. Much of its success lies in pricing, which is likely to be fairly high.

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